Access Control & Attendance System

Chitale Digitals Access Control / Attendance System represents a pioneering achievement in advanced security and access control management. It provides accurate information on all accesses for both in-line and standalone entries, that also integrate with time-clock, job costing and many other aspects of your total management information system. It is one of the first smart card access control systems with more than four years of successful operations in residential, office and academic environments.

Chitale Digitals smart card keyless access control system includes the following proven solutions and applications:

  • Electromagnetic Lock Controller
  • Electric Strike Controller
  • Electronic Bolt Controller
  • Turnstile and Gate Controller | Car-park Controller
  • Lift Relay and Interface Controller
  • Time-Attendance Recorder (Time-Messenger™)

Chitale Digitals smart card keyless access control system includes the following proven features within the solutions:

  • Windows-based network compatible
  • Full access control and management of users, groups, access methods and locations with up to four levels of different security control
  • On-line monitoring and updating of 1000 meter distance from each hub or computer with RS485 computer network protocol
  • Off-line audit trail and update
  • Control for normally closed or normally open configurations
  • Fail-safe and fail-secure compatible
  • Compatible with contact-less and contract-type smart cards

Detailed control features to include:

  • Specific door or doors
  • Two or multiple cards for more secured access areas
  • Specific dates and days of the week and daily hours of entry
  • Number of times of entry
  • Off-line or online cancellation of access rights
  • Traceability to include when-who-where an access is made or attempted (even if access is denied)
  • All software operations for authorized users are recorded and traceable

Chitale Digitals smart card keyless access control solutions are designed and proven for the following applications:

  • University and colleges of multiple campuses
  • Boarding schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions
  • Public facilities
  • Factories and facilities of single or multiple buildings spanning over large geographic areas
  • Facilities separated by cities, states, or countries
  • Extra-secure facilities utilizing multiple technologies