PC Compatible Membrane Keyboard


When customer enters in a shop a gateman will give him a RF card duly initialized by date and time.

Then customer goes to various Departments to buy the things. A sales person in that department will give material to customer and will enter items and quantity bought by customer in RF card.

The customer continues to various departments buying the things. The data in RF card will be amended by sale person in that department. In one RF card we can store data of 11 items. The record length per item is about 9 bytes (3 bytes for item no. & 6 bytes for quantity).

When customer goes to cashier he will surrender his RF card to cashier. The cashier PC will read the RF card & give a bill.

Show Me How ?

If customer goes without cashing RF card , he will be identified at gate Antenna and security will catch him.

CHITALE DIGITALS has innovated the shop billing terminals which can be used in shops, super markets, shopping complexes, etc.


  • 20*2 – LCD display for item description.
  • Day, date, time can be given at entry level
  • Descriptive bills can be given
  • Auto increment in invoice number
  • Summary report of day
  • Taxes & discounts can be assigned/reassigned
  • LCD display for message control
  • Feather touch key board
  • This Shop Biller can be used as billing terminal in Point Of Sale terminal with reader.